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Hi, we are XPLAI, a motion design studio.

We help startups and tech companies establish an emotional connection with their audience through the power of animation

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Boost Engagement

Capture attention, build connections, and create memorable experiences through videos that go beyond plain text or images.

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Amplify Brand Awareness

Stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impression on viewers with engaging videos that showcase your unique brand.

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Increase Conversions

Showcase product features, address customer questions, and inspire confident purchasing decisions with persuasive videos.

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Enhance Training and Onboarding

Streamline employee learning and orientation with informative videos that efficiently transfer knowledge.

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Improve SEO

Enhance your website’s visibility on search engines by leveraging videos as valuable content that attracts attention.

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Expand Social Media Reach

Tap into the power of shareable videos on social platforms, reaching a wider audience and fostering a thriving community of followers.

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We collaborate with ambitious first-time founders as well a
serial entrepreneurs.

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