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The current demand for audiovisual content for digital media is increasing. We live in a quite accelerated, and of course very visual world. YouTube is one of the pioneering companies when it comes to advertising. This platform alone has 68% of advertisers. These ads are categorically characterized by their short duration, which has greatly reduced production costs. Advertising has revolutionized the world of marketing, since not only large companies can afford advertising, but it is accessible to everyone. In the last years, digital animation or Motion Graphics has gained importance within the audiovisual market. Animated ads are increasingly used in the advertising campaigns of certain brands as part of their marketing strategies.  But, why the accelerated growth of animated advertising? It has everything to do with the impact on the audiovisual world, in addition to the multiple benefits it has brought to advertising campaigns.

Here are some of the benefits Animated Ads provide:

Storytelling: Easy to understand

This is one of the most valued features of animation advertising. The fact it allows you to build small stories, and cover specific objectives of the advertising campaign at the same time is a great benefit. This technique also allows the consumer to easily understand innovative concepts or products of certain brands.

Our world is moving faster and faster, which is why all ads are made in less time and as dynamic and simple as possible. The recommended time for promotional videos is 15 to 20 seconds. This is enough time to capture the customer’s attention. The narration of small stories in the animated ads allows the advertising to be very natural, fast, and fluid for the viewer.

Brand Identity

Building a differentiating brand identity is not an easy task and it takes some time. Many companies offer their products and services in digital media. So, it is Paramount to emphasize what the differentiating element is.

Animated ads are an effective way to show through a video or gif, the elements of the brand. Show logos, colors… All this is for the consumer to know and learn how to differentiate your brand from others. More and more companies are using this type of advertising to reach the consumer, without losing their identity.

An example of this is McDonalds Japan. Although it is one of the largest and most recognized franchises in the world, it created an anime-style ad, managing to capture the consumer naturally, without losing its identity as a brand.

Video advertising: Cost Reduction

This is one of the best benefits of animated advertising. When we think of a normal commercial, there are many costs associated with it: film crew, actors, location, production, post-production… it’s exhausting!

However, when we talk about animated ads, all this disappears. The only thing that can generate a cost with this type of ads, is hiring a team trained to program and use all production tools.  In addition, the process of creating the content is much simpler and faster, which also means you will be able to use fewer resources.

Versatility and Impact 

Thanks to the way the content is presented, animated ads have a much more lasting impact on the viewer’s memory, generating a greater connection with the brand. Also, thanks to the format of the content, these ads can be presented on several platforms such as TV, posters, websites, social networks, blogs, even in applications for mobile devices. This is why today, animated advertising is considered one of the spheres with the greatest impact and versatility in the whole market, causing more brands to opt for this type of ads.

Consumer-brand interaction

If there is something positive that social networks have left us, it is that they have allowed interaction with customers. Imagine we could have seen the impact of a video advertisement on TV, according to the viewers who were tuning in to the channel, and the comments on the streets about the commercial. This data would have helped companies immensely before. Now, it is possible to access it with just a click!

Thanks to social networks, the impact generated by an ad can be measured immediately, by the interaction of consumers with the brand. This has allowed a closeness with customers. If we add the versatility and impact of animated ads, we will have a winning pot. Customers will identify with the brand and feel part of it. This will help to awaken an interest in the products or services offered.

Animated Ads: Product Experience

Animated ads are the best way to show experiences to the client. Nowadays, everything is about experiences. Through animated videos, you can show potential clients what are the benefits they will get by consuming your products. You can have a funny, humorous, ironic or moving tone. This type of advertising helps to reach many more people, and it offers them the opportunity to feel identified with the brand. Animation has become a trend in everything related to advertising. In fact, more and more companies prefer to promote this type of advertising instead of the conventional one. This is all due to the benefits we have just mentioned.

As you know, it is increasingly easy to create animated content that captivates the audience, you just have to know how to use and take advantage of all the tools and platforms at your disposal to create quality content or hire professionals who help you make it possible. Definitely, with animated advertising, your company will have the opportunity to reach the desired audience. All this is thanks to the entertaining, simple, and versatile content you can present. Achieve to captivate more people in a short time and without having a very high budget! Dare to try animated ads!

If you haven’t tried advertising with animated ads yet, it’s time. Try to do things differently, you can be surprised with all the impact and positive results that your brand can obtain.


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