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XPLAI has created the manliest fashion explainer video about a service that helps men to wear clothes that don’t make them look like bums.

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Shopping: the struggle is real

When one thinks about fashion and style, one could imagine a runway with TOP models and fancy dresses. However, fashion is not only for women, and not only about glamour. It is also about the most mundane of your daily choices, like choosing your own comfort by deciding what to wear. Functionality, good looks, types of fabric, color, and other details define the personality, style, and comfort of an individual. Whether you are a public person, marketing specialist, software developer or an office worker that lives his life in a cubicle, being comfortable with what you wear may affect your self-confidence. Trumaker reinvents the old-world personal service for men who appreciate the convenience and quality of clothes that one wears.

Trumaker helps in solving menswear problems

Trumaker’s mission is to dress men properly. The company provides customized apparel for men who seek exclusive looks according to personal taste with remarkable quality in a limited timeframe. Everyone knows that men hate shopping. Losing time on mindless skimming through tons of similar-looking stuff, and expensive prices for poor-quality items that fall apart after the first wash may lead to a very painful experience. Trumaker is a totally new kind of menswear service for males who care to look better but don’t care to shop. 

The manliest fashion explainer video

Trumaker focuses on the conservative idea of customizable apparel and emphasizes the novelty of its approach. We wanted to make sure we break through the thick ice of dead-serious anti-shopping skeptics and teach even the most convinced unfashionable Tarzans how to appreciate the self. Trumaker feels the pain of the throttling issue of finding unique high-quality clothes that fit well and the Xplai team was looking for ways to address it to the viewer in the fashion explainer video.

We decided to address the comprehensiveness and usability of the application. Therefore, finding a way to underline all the benefits of professional tailoring service was so important in order to engage and encourage potential clients and provide enough reasoning to upload the application and use the service.

Manifesting fashion through motion design fashion explainer video

Working on a fashion-related project, we wanted to catch the trendy train. We applied last-word technology and employed fashionable elements and props. This helps the viewer to relate to the issue, but most importantly, the creative way of solving it. It was a bit of a challenge for our team to portray the modern interpretation of the old-school custom-made tailoring traditions with remarkable quality and exceptional style using the advantages of modern times.

Peeling off the layers of why fashion is for men or emphasizing its importance talented illustrator, who appreciates class and trends we chose a unique color scheme set the tone and the drive to the whole animation process.

Who wears the pants: brainstorming on the character profile

Pinpointing the attributes of the target audience and applying character profiles to create the central figure may play a beneficial role.

The viewer associates the character with self and understands the application value and major benefits much better. While brainstorming, we created an image of a successful individual. He is relatable and good-looking in his alluring outfit that shines through at the center of the story. The hero looks inspirational because he propels the idea of most of the average men in their young adulthood seek. The illustrator decided to walk the shoes and got so inspired by the hero, developed by the team during brainstorming, that he even secretly attributed him with some of his own personality traits for relatability purposes. 

“Men care for their style and fashion as much as women do. In fact, looking good to be accepted is one of the basic needs. Nonetheless, when it comes to dressing up men can’t afford to spend as much time. They need time to do other things. That is why I wanted my character to look brutal, but definitely caring much about his looks”, says the illustrator.

Colors for business animation

The choice of the color palette was not a mere chance. The gradation of blue is associated with stability and depth. Even according to the American Psychological Association the shades of the blue characterize strong qualities like trust, confidence, and intelligence. Peach pink is obviously the color of gloss and fashion. Their combination was an experiment that brought some unusual and unbelievably sassy results. We absolutely loved the final color blend combination and were happy to continue with motioning the picture.

Illustrations for a menswear customized apparel service

The illustrator wanted to focus on details and props that would complete the character’s profile in addition to his appearance. It was necessary to illuminate his character traits. What could represent the character better than the objects in his own apartment? For this, the illustrator featured an image of a modern man who cares about his looks in this business animation. The product explainer was intended to engage the viewers and become a map for using the application in a simple way.

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