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An authentic 3D animation video for startup Midas

Are you a rising talent company? Are you looking for memorable ways to promote your product on Kickstarter? In the beginning, most companies do not have the budget for big marketing campaigns. Spending it with no prior market share may be a waste of time and money. XPLAI recommends using an animation video to represent your startup. Avoid rookie mistakes in product promotion and get an outstanding outreach for raising brand awareness.

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According to Marketing sherpa animation videos bring 300% more nurture leads and traffic. Forbes writes that 65% of executives chose to visit the website and 39% call them after watching a video. Hubspot mentions that 97% of viewers consider video content as helping the comprehension of product benefits.

Complete this checklist for an effective animation video for a startup to ensure the success of your elevator pitch on Kickstarter. Keep reading, if you are looking for ways to:

  • finding investors
  • increase traffic
  • growing your market share
  • ensure the loyalty of your customers

So if a business owner asked a question: how to present an innovative electronic music instrument on Kickstarter in 2019? We had just the answer for them.

Midas: the making of the video for a startup

Midas is a Perceptual Guidance Musical Instrument that holds the key to your heart. It’s easy to stop practicing if you can’t find the time, or lose interest. It is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort and motivation, which they don’t have. That’s why Midas is a game-changer in the world of electronic musical instruments. The comprehensive user interface creates an effortless intuitive, natural, and fun experience. So anyone can play it without prior training.

XPLAI had a recipe for a juicy play:

Project length

For some companies working on a tight schedule can be a deal-breaker. At XPLAI we are open to new challenges. The client wanted us to submit the result in a month. He wasn’t able to postpone the release date. The project had to be aired by the deadline. The client wanted 3D animation, which XPLAI hasn’t completed before. We had to ask our animator to work extra hours to learn new animation programs. We wanted to use our expertise and skills to help the audience understand what Midas is.

From idea to release

You can’t stress enough the importance of communication between the contractor and the customer. Discussion leads to a clear understanding of all specifics of the project. The client was very involved in the preparatory stage.
It helped us grasp as many details to establish the key elements of the end product. Lack of experience stops the clients from explaining their ideas properly. Email us to get a consultation about promoting your product.

Shape up: challenging elements of animation video story

The client’s needs are important. In Midas’ case, the client had the vision to have the video explainer in 3D. Our motion designer spent 11 hours of work to create the illustration of the model. It was important for the client to have a music theory savvy on the team. Luckily, our motion designer and big music fan Yurii were fascinated by his experience working with the client. We received plenty of materials to know where to start. Some learned to play Midas to understand the mechanics of the instrument. XPLAI team loves challenging projects like Midas.
It is a way for the company to grow professionally while experimenting with creative approaches.

XPLAI is always happy to work with clients who love what they do. It was a pleasure to create an animated video for a customer who is passionate about creating sound. We enjoy working with clients who share our interests, indeed. We always invest our time in helping startups with beautiful ideas to change the world. Why won’t you be next?

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