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whiteboard animation examples

Best Whiteboard Animation Examples

When we are looking for new information about any topic, we are mostly thrown into a well full of incomprehensible explanations. We live in a current moment in which anything we need must be quick and easy to catch, from entertainment to advertisements. Since audiovisuals have become one of the most used tools to catch anybody’s attention, it is necessary to understand how we can use them to get to people’s lives in any aspect.
Nowadays, a terrific way to inform a person is through explaining videos, as
these can perfectly make heavy information turn into simple and well-structured details. Now, we want you to think: what is more tempting to watch in a video than a cool design and understandable information? Surely, a great manner to catch things easily is to get information explained in a graphic way.
This is why whiteboard videos are the most suitable method to understand any possible detail you look for. Whiteboard videos have gained plenty of popularity in the last decade; and this is because the authors structure information in drawings sketched in a white background meanwhile a voice explains, making it amazingly understandable and fun to watch for everybody. These explaining videos are commonly used in advertisements due to their facility to reach to consumers in a more empathic way.

Whiteboard videos are one of the easiest explainer videos to make. Let’s look at some examples.

1. SaaS Demo Video – ODIN

From the implementation point of view, this is the easiest whiteboard video.
All elements except the logo are black. There is a minimal animation of the elements, too.

2. Getting Things Done!

Another example of the whiteboard video. There is a beautiful paper texture instead of a white background and an already more stylish partial animation of elements (a copy, transformation of elements, transitions).

3. Marketing Video Maker – Chemical Manufacturing

This example of the whiteboard video looks more classy due to a different color palette and the presence of more than two colors. (in the previous examples, the main color was black). Also, nobody draws the elements, without the help of an
animated drawing hand (except for the beginning of the video). This saves time during the animation process.

4. EDF – Vidéo Scribing

This video is not very complicated in terms of animation. But due to the presence of more than two colors in it and the animated “live” painting hand looks beautiful and interesting.

5. كفـــاءة | شوري عليك

Smart and neat whiteboard video about the importance of energy stickers on our electronics. Thanks to its color palette, it looks very cool. A nice animation of the “live drawing hand”.

6. Vidéo scribing

This one, in comparison with other videos, is richer due to the three more colors. It has an interesting animated background as a paper texture, too, which doesn’t bother the viewer while watching a video. But also there are some simplifications regarding other videos, the elements are drawn themselves, without the help of the drawing hand.

7. Vídeo scribing para empresa | Operary.es

This example is more complex as compared to the above-mentioned videos.
The scenes are more well-drawn here, as well as the varied color palette.
We see a more complex animation of internal scenes (character movements, facial expressions). And the animated “live” drawing hand, too. Due to all this,
the video looks way cool and attractive, but it is more complicated in terms of production.

The production of these explainer videos consists of a series of steps which include composing content, creating the animations, recording a voiceover, recording the video and synchronizing the audio to the video. This is a process that might be overwhelming for some persons who want to make use of this tool for their business, as it takes time to achieve a good job. However, in Xplai, we make this process a lot easier for you; we create contents that adapt to your wishes. We make it simple, understandable and attractive so your customers are easily hung up to your services.
As we have appreciated, whiteboard videos are able to give great explanations about any topic in a very interesting and fun way. These videos used in advertisements for businesses are the best to offer services to customers. If you are going for cool designs and well-structured information combined in one presentation, remember explainer videos are always the best way to comprehend new details.
Whiteboard videos give your ads a nice touch with fun animations joined to well-explained content. They are also a very modern strategy to make your business recognizable. So, what are you waiting for? We will be pleased to create great content to catch the viewer’s attention. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thanks to our lead animator Dmitry Semkiv for the preparation of the list of these videos.


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