How to Create a Script for a Video

January 15, 2019 xplayer

Create a script for a video

Creative a video script can be quite a difficult task. Even if you are a writer, scripts for videos differs greatly from the printed materials. Of course, a professional screenwriter will help you create a script, but he does not know your industry the way you do. So, here are our 10 top tips how to write a script

Get rid of the blank page – just start to write anything

It can be anything: your ideas, goals. The point is just to get rid of the blank page.

Start with a plan

A plan will help you to organize all your ideas and not to miss important information

  • Structure your thoughts – write down 4 – 5 categories you would like to talk about, add a few related points to each category, make the notes you like.

Do not worry about the order, it doesn’t matter at the current stage.

Add some details

As soon as your plan is ready, try to turn each item into a separate or short sentence. Think about each item and describe it in detail.  Make sure you do not forget about the call to action at the end.

Read it out loud

This will give you a sense of the script length.

  • time yourself with a stopwatch: do not hurry, read aloud distinct and clear
  • control the length of your script

This is very important but at the same time rather difficult thing. Just don’t make the script too short.

Arrange your content

  • split content by topics
  • get rid of repetitions
  • focus on the message you want to convey
  • imagine a picture (could it be represented sketchily?)
  • less details, more bullet points

Leave breathing space

  • write in short and simple sentences

Cut out the adjectives

  • divide each idea into a separate sentence
  • everything should be simple and clear

Read your text out loud again

  • Check the timing
  • Make your script looks like a conversation

Know when to stop

  • Do not waste a lot of time for editing

Consult an expert

If you think that all this requires many efforts, you’re right. The screenwriter will help you to polish all the details and make the final script perfect.