Illustrations Vs Photos: a short guidance for a beginner

Dispelling myths: illustrations vs photos

Cool brands do not use illustrations for their marketing campaigns

No! They do, and to be true, quite often. Such giants as Mercedes, Nike, Oreo, Coca-Cola are some great examples of this.

Brands should not care about the so-called “hidden costs” when they use free photos

Sure they do. Not to have a copyright for the picture equals an expending of money, a lot of money. Your competitor could use the same photo for his/her ad or in a completely different field as well. This way your brand becomes much cheaper and leads to some negative attitudes from the potential buyers.

In addition, the search for the same picture itself can take quite a lot of time.

The everyday illustration is a wow effect and therefore increases the number of potential customers

Custom illustrations vs photos – they are original, authentic, created for a specific story, social media publications, or an advertising campaign, etc. It stands out for telling a special story, intriguing and curious one.

If you need any visual material, then your choice is quite obvious: the illustration

Let’s consider such an example: a restaurant website or a cafe with some menu images. Photos of the dishes will look much more appetizing and more attractive than the same illustrated version. Or, for instance, a profile in one of the most known and professional-oriented networks as LinkedIn. A real photo of a real person is more trustworthy. But in contrast, brands use vector illustrations for their own logos. They just want something symbolic that attracts people’s imagination. Also, vector illustrations can be both large and small, without loss of quality.

But if you want to stand out in an unusual and merry way – caricatures will help you for sure. They can characterize, shape your brand, too.