Intelligent Building Video for APT smart engineering solutions

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Intelligent Building Video for APT smart engineering solutions

As an explainer animation video company, we are passionate about making complicated things simpler. Ranging from zoo descriptors and security management systems to intelligent building solutions, XPLAI uses 2D & 3D animated explainer videos to illuminate the benefits of our client’s services and products in an effective way.

Scalability in a smart building animation video

APT building engineering group approached us with a request to make a smart building systems overview video. They wanted us to design an explainer for potential clients. In other words, the video should portray the unique services that the APT group is offering. The services include solutions for space optimization, engineering security, and intelligent building. So our task was to think of creative ways to make an interesting video explaining these complex processes.  

About APT group smart and intelligent building services

APT Group started creating intelligent building solutions in 1998. The company uses integrated technologies of video monitoring and analytics. Their works range from hotels, hospitals, and warehouses to office buildings, and even airport terminals. The company is passionate about linking infrastructure and IT together for security and accessibility. Besides, APT Group has built reliable systems for Avon Cosmetics, Motorola, Xerox, OTIS. In over 20 years of practice, the company completed 1000 projects for companies from 14 different countries. 

Challenges for APT Group marketing video 

There was no clear vision that we could follow from the very beginning. However, the client wanted us to make a funny, creative, and smart marketing video.
It could seem that a lack of restrictions gives space for creativity. But mind mapping and negotiations about the video content took almost a third of the time we spent on the video production. All for eliminating the problems we have faced in the process.

Brainstorming on depicting scalability 

We dedicated a lot of time to brainstorming on the marketing video for the APT group. That is, XPLAI identified a threefold structure to build the storyline. Working with a service model that has multiple levels of various complexity, association, and mind mapping serves as a great tool for idea generation. So we help the viewers explore multiple aspects of the company’s specialization. That is to say, we guide them through the big-picture ideas in more detail.

Three major focal points in building engineering services explainer video

Firstly, our primary focus for the animation explainer video for industries shifted to talking about APT group abilities. They perform from neat and unique projects to huge and ambitiously large-scale ones.
Secondly, we wanted to show the process of how conceptual engineering marvels come to life.
Thirdly, APT is using revolutionary methods to ensure full control over building and room management. Therefore, depicting smart technological solutions with accessible user-friendly interfaces, functionality, and aesthetics in the video was a must. 

The making of intelligent building solutions marketing video: the use of color for focal points 

Skillfully combining color, illustration and animation we made video monitoring, video analytics, and building management interesting to watch. The color pattern uses contrasting elements. Moreover, we used juxtaposing colors from the palette to highlight important details or separate high-priority elements. 

APT Group intelligent building marketing video collaboration result

To sum it up, we were happy to closely collaborate with the APT group on a smart building solutions overview animation video. It is our specialty of finding the perfect balance between a motion for smooth idea development and plot progression. Just to keep the viewer engaged and informed. In addition, note for yourself by watching our other XPLAI animation videos. We eagerly try to solve the problems of our most demanding clients and their testimonials mirror our efforts.
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