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Principles of creating a 30 second video

There are many ways to interact with your target audience. One of them is creating short videos in which you can convey the most interesting information to users. These 30 sec videos will be a great way to increase your website conversions and the number of potential customers.

With the help of 30 second video clips, you can explain to customers how your company works or what services you provide. To do this, you just need to create an interesting video and place it on the main page of your brand, in social media, or make an ad in instant messengers.

On Instagram, 30 second videos are no less popular than on other social media. Users are happy to watch short, interesting and funny videos that help to brighten up their leisure time. If a client spent more time watching your 3 second videos, this means that this content is interesting. Therefore, the goal of each company is to create such material which will take users only half a minute to watch, so they can carry out targeted actions after viewing.

The funniest 30 second videos are embedded in movies, music and other content offered on YouTube. Your video will be shown at the beginning, middle or end of the main video. The ad display settings are done before the start of the 30 second ad campaign. It also depends on the settings of the content used as the main one.

How to make money by showing ads

30 second video marketing helps creators get monetary rewards for every view of their video. Therefore, the owners of sites that offer their customers to view interesting ads, embed a large number of 30 sec films inside their videos. If a blogger seeks to attract sponsors, then the display of third-party advertising is highly likely to be disabled.

Many clients prefer to view the best sec videos without extraneous content. It distracts from movies and educational materials, so users disable ads as soon as possible. When choosing 30 second video ideas, you need to make the most interesting and intriguing beginning in order to hook your target audience. If a client looks at the first 5 seconds and does not switch ads, your opportunity to earn increases significantly.

Some formats proposed for the distribution of videos have conditions – the advertiser will transfer funds only when 30 sec video clips have been viewed in full. In some cases, such  interaction is mandatory:

  • following a link;
  • click on the banner;
  • sending SMS or other targeted actions.

If the user only views the first 5 seconds, then it is likely that the funds will not be transferred as your payment. If people look for 30 seconds, this significantly increases your chances of feedback and expansion of your target audience.

Humor in your video

A funny 30 sec video is more likely to interest your customers than serious descriptions or important information, told in a formal style. It is difficult to include long jokes or humorous sketches in short 30 second videos, so short funny creations are the best way to attract customers.

30 seconds funny videos are outside of the realm of criticism. Great jokes will help draw attention to your brand and increase the competitiveness of your products. Marketers often decide to use humor in order to invite target audiences to use their services. Simple examples of incorporating humor into 30 second videos would be:

  • using unusual topics (make-up with a dish sponge);
  • angry responses about products showing their high quality;
  • jokes about your own content or services.

Humorous 30 sec videos become viral more often than others and are forwarded to other users. This allows you to quickly distribute your content in short video clips over the Internet and attract customers.

Getting to know your brand

With the help of short videos, you will be able to introduce the audience to your brand. Create 30 second explainer videos that describe the principles of cooperation or basic services that can be used by your target audience.

These 30 sec commercial videos are shown during regular TV programs. News, information about fairs or concerts, popular events – the main topic for content with your 30 seconds video clips doesn’t matter.

Think over the scenario according to which your video will be filmed. Planning your idea carefully will help you choose content that will appeal to the majority of users. Advertising is also embedded in applications that are installed on phones of each client. The 30 second video app is a success when your video content matches the set software. If customers are starting a particular game, you can offer them similar content that might interest them.

Tips for creating videos

To properly represent your brand, you have 30 seconds to live video. You can start by creating 8 second videos, gradually adding time. At the same time, don’t forget to focus on your target audience, its age and interests. In this case, it will be possible to create content that is understandable to a certain part of users.

The presentation of me in 30 seconds examples includes unusual captions and emojis in promotional materials. People respond positively to additional texts that will help organize or diversify the content.

You can include a small master class in a short video. The 30 second tutorial will clearly explain to users the principles of working with specific equipment, preparing famous dishes or other actions. Don’t forget that your 30 seconds advertisement will need to be regularly updated. If customers love your content, they’ll be happy to see new videos with you.

An easy way to create 30 sec music and video that will interest your target audience is to contact Our experts will suggest the most interesting ideas for 30 sec ad. You will be able to convey even the most complex terms and concepts to users – they will be shown in the most simple and accessible way.


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