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If you are a corporation, consider how you want to present a variety of products and services at your disposal. As experts in video explainers, we recommend personalizing your approach through video content to target different consumer segments. CISCO forecasts that videos online will reach 82% of internet traffic by 2022. Therefore, the companies can no longer afford to present template materials as they are not effective. If you are reading this article it means you are ready to start investing in visual presentations for your company. Just like Doosan did, when approached us with a need for an animated explainer video for corporations.


Doosan Group is a world-class global corporation that operates in segments from energy to construction equipment and even IT services. As a highly competitive machinery, parts, and equipment production company, Doosan takes pride in the ways they do business. Moreover, they work on a variety of projects, including those that focus on making life more sustainable. Among its main core values, Doosan emphasizes technology, innovation, transparency, and social responsibility. As they build their business on the growth of the business through the growth of people, we wanted their core values to be illuminated in the explainer video. Due to the 124 years of acting history, they are the leaders in integrated solutions for casting-forging products for industries in renewable energy power generation. 


Our client’s business is multidimensional. That’s why we were challenged to demonstrate the complexity of one of its extensions. Doosan wants to be on top of things, especially when it comes to sustainable solutions, such as Doosan GridTech. So it offers end-to-end energy storage solutions. They operate from Seattle, Melbourne, and Seoul to ensure the full cycle of distributed energy resources. In short, the goal was to explain Doosan GridTech technology for the world’s clean energy future, which we reached in less than 2,5 minutes. 

Shall we take a look at Doosan corporate animation?

Isometric motion for Doosan animated explainer?

Devenup points out that isometric motion design is becoming more real and is going to be a major trend in 2020. With that in mind, we already had a clear picture in mind about what to offer. Certainly, you might recognize the top-down isometric style from gaming. Isometric graphics are great for portraying big-scale projects, for sure. Moreover, it is perfect for depicting the processes of corporations. Balancing between 2D and 3D design isometric scenes depicts an animated cycle of distributed energy resources. Therefore, we were extremely excited to work on this project, as it was our first big isometrics project.  

Why did we go with isometric for corporations?


Isometric animated video is effective for corporate explainers as it can focus on bigger scale objects, or zoom into its separate details to balance out and keep it interesting and more engaging for the viewer. In terms of motion, it also is a neat way to highlight processes, showing the cause and effect, similar to the structure we had with a 2D explainer for SEON.   


Firstly, isometric enables making complicated things simple. It helps to structure the elements into logical clusters that help grasp information bit by bit in smaller parts that make sense. It was easy to segment by highlighting and grouping elements using color coding for differentiating the stages.  

Eyegasmic effects

Secondly, the isometric animated explainer video simply looks great. Whether you decide to use it as a procedural animation descriptor or a presentation demo of your products, an isometric animated explainer video serves as a digital development of your concept. For Doosan GridTech we focused on design, control software, and deployment technology solution capabilities with a clean and balanced illustration.


And finally, it is important to strategize all the other elements that follow along to make the isometric motion nice and smooth. Also, choosing the right color schemes can be tricky. Going easy on the color scheme and adding some gradients can make any corporate explainer video look trendy and appealing. Furthermore, focusing on the right objects and building the scenes around the proper angles can shift the viewer’s attention drastically. It is important to remember to work through important details that require extra attention. Because these elements could be fluffed with some additional textures or shadowing reflection effects. Literally, anything to make the crucial parts stand out. The secret to a successful isometric video explainer is proper elements in the focal points and an interesting story.  


Make sure you chose the right media to transcend your concept to your audience to drive the business into your basket. We take pride in our work for big corporations with renowned names as it reflects the level of trust in our knowledge, professionalism, and experience. If you are curious about the animation production process take a look at our selected works. Enter the new year with a trendy explainer animation for your corporation. Feel free to ask for the quotation for your top eye-catching isometric video.


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