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What is cartoon marketing video? 

In the electronic times, there is no better advertising than a digital one. Businesses go online to expand their presence, become more approachable for clients and partners, gain popularity, earn loyalty. Thus, looking for newer and more effective ways of marketing themselves.

Animated cartoon videos are concise and creative clips that are designed with a goal of explaining an idea through animation. Whether it is a video business card of your company; a demo of your products and services; an explanation of product benefits, or a presentation of the values to your audience, corporate cartoons can easily help you to reach this goal. 

Why is marketing animation effective? 

According to the scientists the majority of individuals are visual learners. Around 65% of people prefer the video format of information consumption. With that being said, people generally perceive visual cues and remember up to 90% of information from it, molecular biologist John Medina claims. In addition, 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching videos. That is why explainer cartoons can become a compelling element in your marketing strategy. Moreover, this cost-effective approach accomplishes your marketing and advertising needs by increasing your revenue much faster than other analogous strategies. So, if you are curious about how the cartoon solutions boost business presence, keep reading this article. Here are the key points:

Animated explanation videos are engaging

Business video animations raise the viewership rate. People generally prefer to pick up the information that is shared in a video format. The reasons behind this are quite simple: 

  • it is easily accessible wherever you are; 
  • convenient to find;
  • simple to understand;
  • makes one want to share it with others;

It is attributed to the fact that it is easier to digest information, which encompasses several types of media: auditory – “I hear what you are saying in your message”, visual – “I see your point” and comprehensive – “I understand why it is necessary or important”.
Additionally, people will share what they enjoy with others. So, there is no better success cocktail to your business strategy than a combination of great ideas and an appealing look of your visual. Just blink, and you have gone viral. such an amazing success due to going viral. The audience is prone to associate themselves with the values shared in the message. It helps form a natural bond based on trust and support, mirrored in the business video animations.

 Complex Topics Can Be Easily Simplified

Similarly to TED-Ed videos, where the greatest minds and influencers from all over the world share their priceless insights about the greatest concerns of humanity, animated explanation videos sort out the informational mess. Whether it is on why one should download an app, how to stay safe in case of fire, or how the rocketship fuel helps the spacecraft to orbit the Earth, explainer cartoons make complicated things simple by structuring and rationalizing information in a convenient format. 

You’re Better Connected with Your Customers

Animated videos can help you exhibit your brand’s unique perspective. Is there a more effective way to express your company’s personality than in an explainer cartoon? Well, not that we know of! Being true to self and original in every way, is also a moto of every youngster of this generation. Statistically speaking, 91% of consumers are likely to reward brands for their originality. And that’s a lot of people! Animated explanation videos may exponentially grow a loyal audience based on a proper brand management. It is no magic! People will share the information about the brand that feel close connection with among their circles, and 62% are likely to buy from a brand that expresses itself with authenticity. Uniqueness is a feature that is highly valued in the modern business world.
The contemporary rules of information value dictate the rules of the game, which a brand can only be successful at, if it has a clear purpose and speaks the language of its audience while explaining it. Viewers retain 95% of a message they learn through video as opposed to only 10% when they read through written text.

Answer Common Questions through Animated Marketing Videos

Animated explainer videos give you a chance to provide higher quality of customer support. You may easily answer the queries, addressing concerns of those who worry. Additionally, you have a chance to support your audience with information about your product features and benefits even before they ask you to.
Another great advantage is that it does not have to be a boring hour long film, or a FAQ section, where you can never find the answer to your question. Increase your conversions by 80% by simply putting up a concise explainer video on your website and social media. Here is the simple formula:
Animated Marketing Videos = Increased Memory Retention and Stronger Impact

The major idea behind cartoon solutions is that we process visual content and pictures 50,000 times faster than written text. By combining the angles of the impact we capture the minds and hearts of viewers. Get this: a 60 second video sustains a couple  million words! People were to start yawning and get lost after the first paragraph if they had to read it in a text form. Animation explanation videos are also the fairies of organic traffic. The research claims a 157% increase in traffic and 2 to 3 times monthly visitors growth after having placed cartoon animation on the website. 

Explainer cartoons are cost-effective

From a marketing perspective business video animations are a wonderful investment in the development of your company’s identity. It helps you to get a point across efficiently and economically. In addition you also improve the following aspects:

5 examples how cartoon marketing videos can be used

Animated cartoon videos have a wide range of use. Many spheres tell their story through cartoon solutions. in order to go viral by connecting with their audience on an emotional level making their audience want to share the videos. 

Here are some 5 ways how cartoon marketing videos can be used. 

  1. For businesses

Whether you own a small family business or run a huge corporation presentation is the key. Claim your spot under the sun of competition by sharing a powerful message in less than 1-2 minutes of time. You may retell the story of the establishment; lay out your business model, or introduce your products and services in a short animated cartoon video about your company. Unravel the mysteries of your company’s success business video animations or encourage big partners or investors to join your game. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

  1. Startup

You have been carrying your business idea around, and it’s finally the time to let the world know about it? Video marketing pitches your idea that you have just launched in a creative way. Expose your main value in a short animated demo, or a company video business card. Including it to your landing page in order to increase conversions by 80%. 50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video

  1. Non profit and social social

Just last year, the number of video posts per person has increased 94% in the US alone. 

It is easier to understand something if you can picture it. Underline the general truths and facts through animated explanation videos to make a point about the value of your initiative.

  1. Medical services

Explain complicated things in a simple way. Use imagery to depict examples. 

  1. Internal: training and communications

Probably the best possible way to reach out with some boring information to a current or potential employee. 

What to include in your marketing videos?

Center Your Video Around the Story, Not The Sale

People feel when you are trying to stuff them with unnecessary things or services. Bring up the value that you can create for each individual, and people will start coming for it. 

Grant your audience Best 10 Seconds of their life

Short attention span attributed to the fast speed of the modern world gifts you with only 10 seconds of an individuals’ precious time. Make this time worth their while and focus on your message wisely.

No one has died from laughter before, but fell asleep from boredom.

We are often prone to peak at our neighbours, and end up styling the content to the same yawning template and stiff tone. Stop copying boring content that no one wants to watch. Stand out by being smart and funny. Light up your viewer’s day, for God sakes!

Be useful

Avoid listing all the possible benefits that are at your disposition. Educate your audience with the information that can actually be applicable and useful. 

Cost-Effective cartoon marketing videos by us

We want to use our talents to design and implement a powerful marketing tool that can help your company achieve the following things:

  • Top-up your customer experience 
  • Work on your project with an individual approach
  • It is not a manufacturing process for us
  • We know how to help you tell your story 

We create with a vision of making your message clearer.


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