best Ukrainian illustrators

At XPLAI, we create dozens of illustrations (animated as well) for different business spheres.
Today we would like to represent you the list of the coolest Ukrainian illustrators.

Tania Yakunova

An almost unusual trendy style for Ukraine. It seems like some people are just obsessed with it.
Tania Yakunova uses a lot of different textures, gradients, hints, regular shapes, etc.
A perfect combination of colours is present in all her works, certainly.
Sometimes it seems like a painter draws these wonderful textures.
So it’s hard to believe that it was created in Illustrator or Photoshop.
Her illustrations evoke emotions, and this is the point.

Tania Yakunova illustrations

Dilk & Feros

Amazing representatives of modern street art. These guys are passionate about everything they are engaged in and are constantly experimenting with various styles. Their murals aren’t just scribbling on the walls but true pieces of art.
Thus showing us that the things that surround us – form us. Each work symbolizes something and, consequently, has a deep meaning. It covers different philosophic and psychological concepts such as shaping individuality by an environment,
the importance of knowing your inner self, the fragility of our planet, understanding that one change affects another one
and our whole existence depends on it, finding compromises, coexistence, and many other vital things.

So better check Dilk & Feros work yourself as they speak louder than words.

Dilk & Feros design

Marta Leshak

If you look closely at all Marta’s illustrations you will spot that they are in motion.
Due to this, it represents a restless and constant seeking nature of the artist.
Smart and dynamic, these works also draw your eye by its unique style.
They are worth seeing. And finally, to be appreciated, too.

Oleg Shcherba

It’s super great when you are both an experienced illustrator and a 2d motion artist.
So the knowledge from each sphere helps and completes one another while creating any art project.
The ponderous characters’ figures in illustrations could be seen at once but well-chosen pastel colours and textures make everything look extremely harmonious. Subtle colours while a catchy performance manner.
This is truly inspiring, for sure.

Liza Sanchez

It’s quite obvious that for some people the works of this Ukrainian illustrator could seem a little bit childish at first sight. But it’s not true. Because there is some strange magic in it that couldn’t be described.

So let’s dive in!

Alena Tkach

If you want to get 1000 % of tweeness then here you go.

Alena Tkach is a children’s book illustrator and 2D artist.
Her illustrations make you smile all the time as they are so cute, winsome, and just adorable.
Moreover, it seems like such warm and soft colours wrap you with absolute tenderness, kindness, and care.
Alena’s illustrations remind us about the best time we had  – our childhood when we were full of life, happiness, joy, and heart ease.
Her works are heavily inspired by nature. Maybe that’s why they are so charming.

Lena Padolko

Probably the most talented Ukrainian illustrator & graphic designer who focuses on papercraft and stop-motion animation.
Lena collaborates with creatives and agencies to create stylish, bold and intricate paper art objects, which are turned, consequently, into striking images and stop-motion animations.

If you need illustrations for any purpose: for blog covers, an online magazine or a mobile app — feel free to contact us.
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