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Here at XPLAI, we love working with startups that come up with the most creative ideas. We are eager to promote and explain useful projects using animation videos. is a fashion startup. They make online shopping less stressful, time-consuming, and cost-effective for those who lack time for renewing their wardrobe.

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In the age of high pace, there is in no time for anything. Fast fashion has invaded the universe. The trends are changing in the blink of an eye. Who enjoys spending time mindlessly walking the stores, anyway? With the Try app, your physical presence is no longer necessary for shopping. Going shopping can be frustrating. Walking miles of aisles can be exhausting. Not to mention waiting for hours in queues to try on something that fits. The materialistic world has so much to offer that potential buyers lose themselves in the products. service is a new way of shopping right from your sofa. Try clothes on for free from any online store. The courier will bring the items of your preference to your door. Try them on now and pay later. Customers only have to pay for the items that they decide to keep.

The challenge was to ensure that the video animation for startups walks the user step by step to learn how to use the app We also wanted to make the video explainer trendy, edgy, likable, and fashionable. Here’s how we did it.

Dress to Impress: trendy try for video explainer for startups is an application related to being fashionable, we didn’t want to miss out on the animation video market trends either. The latest color scheme solutions and minimalistic designs did the trick.  We were aiming at creating something fresh and edgy. We supported our illustrator’s attempt to keep up with a funky and stylish outlook.

Normally we brainstorm together as a team and as soon as everyone caught on the vibe of the story and went with the flow. Every member gets to express their ideas, and vision of the end product, and participate equally in generating creativity. We wanted to embody the youth and energy of the target audience and portray it through the dynamics in this video. The most challenging part is to pass on the message, ensuring portraying the character of the company in a seamless way, as if they were telling their story themselves.

Minimalism is the new trend in video explainers

Even though it is a fashion-related project we wanted to avoid excessive creative extravaganza in terms of illustration. It felt like the story had to be minimalistic and simple. Our illustrator, Yurii, prefers to work in minimalism. He says that there is too much informational junk anyway, so overloading the clip with too many details would have made it too heavy and difficult to watch. In addition, just like the color scheme, the animation had to be fresh and fruity and leave you with a feeling of clarity and lightness after watching it.

The animation part was not as simple as it was with the illustration, as we had to spend some time exchanging ideas. Yes, we did great with going light on the illustration, but we didn’t want to overload it now. As it is an explainer video that describes the steps of the process with different ranges of animation transitions and keeps it in a breezy flow.

Show explainer video animation for startups in Try

Finally, communication within the team and effective work is an additional important factor in the completion of a successful project. “Really happy with the result! We didn’t expect to get such an amazing piece of work. XPLAI was able to deliver such a great quality within such a short period of time”, states the testimonial. But needless to talk about the success, as it feels like now even a baby will easily order diapers and return the ones that don’t fit after watching the explainer.

So animation explainer videos can easily help your business increase revenue. Therefore, learn about the latest explainer animation video statistics on Wyzowl and order explainer animation for your startup.

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