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Hi there!

It’s time to present to you our freshly-squizzed 2020 reel. It has shots from our most kicking works during the last year, that is, explainer videos, promo videos, some animation parts from other projects, etc. So check it out!

At first we’d like to tell you in a few words, about projects completed during the last year in this 2020 reel.

Let’s start with Reibar real estate video.

Reibar Marketing is a Nashville based company that works with real estate companies worldwide to improve their online presence. They needed an illustrated promo video explaining the benefits of SEO.
The main challenges here were a strict deadline and high-quality delivery. That’s why we decided to make the video minimalistic.
An interesting fact is that the client adored our previous work Trumaker, especially the character styles, (https://xplai.com/portfolio/trumaker/). That’s why we created something similar but not quite. A kind of a remix, a unique style but a little bit close to the previous work.
To sum it up, everything was created on time, the client was really happy. And moreover, we liked it too.

The next video is brighter, funny, and more colorful. This is a promo video concept for the leading Ukrainian gas station network – OKKO.

We had to deal with 3D transitions but we achieved the necessary wow-effect. Besides, it’s worth mentioning that every year the XPLAI team go skiing and snowboarding and we liked to stop at these stations, as they have the most aromatic coffee and the most delicious hot-dogs. The best place to take a breath and move on.

Our next project is Trumaker, a stylish video with cool character animation and 3D transitions.

Trumaker is a San Francisco based menswear brand specializing in made-to-measure shirts.
It combines old world personal service with today’s technology to build high quality custom and in-stock clothing. They created top-notch clothes and we helped them to create a classy video ad.

Tenderd is coming on your way. Explainer video for a heavy equipment rental.

Heavy equipment, heavy machinery, renting… we enjoy experimenting with various styles and this time we came to the conclusion that this 2-color video would fit perfectly. Textures and noises are characteristic features of the company.
A nice video, indeed.

How to Stop Nightmares, is our experimental internal project.

We played with new technologies, wanting to combine 2D and 3D animation. We used the first time the technology of motion capture to make the character animation while working on this project. As a result, we received extremely smooth animation but at the same time it looked like a 2D flat animation.
Tesla Autopilot – in this small project we wanted to make clean and interesting transition and morphing. Our designers really enjoyed the working process.

Gobble is a meal startup that makes cooking fast. They designed all of Gobble dinner kits to go from kit to table in 15 minutes. It was quite hard working on this project, especially when we needed to draw a variety of dishes and our illustrators as well as motion designers were hungry.

But we coped with it.

And our favorite project — Hopeland. It’s a non-profit organization that commits building a world where every child grows up in a safe, loving family.

The deadline was extremely short and we were forced to work on weekends. It was hard at the time but when our designers got in the flow they were unstoppable. Instead of 2D, they did 3D: a 3D city, a 3D camera, and 3D transitions appeared. Not in the whole video, of course, but in some its parts.
So in general we achieve wow-effect. We loved the final video but most importantly our client was extremely satisfied.

We did one more presentation video for a global real estate company in UAE. It was a long and complicated project, and we involve a lot of designers, illustrators, and motion designers in it.

It was a very exciting project for all our team. Unfortunately, the project itself hasn’t started yet due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
But we hope for the best and soon everything will come back to life.
That’s it for the 2020 reel.

Well, guys, if you want to promote your product, to explain complicated things in simple words or just make a great animation for anything, we are at your disposal.

Drop us a line and let’s create something unique together!

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