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What Is An Explainer Videos?

Explainer video is a video clip that lasts
approximately one minute
and tells the potential customer about
your product or service.

Main types of explainer video

Examples of Professional Explainer Videos





Why Do You Need The Explainer Video?

Site promotion

Improving the site position in the list of search results. All search systems take into account the presence of video on the site and place sites with professional explainer video higher in the search results than sites without them accordingly.

Increase the

Explainer video is a great way to increase the conversion of your site. Recent studies have shown that 85% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service if it сomes with a relevant video.

Presentation of a company or a product

A great way to tell more about your product. A short video is much more effective than a long text – in a small time it is possible to present the particular characteristics of your unique offer the way that suits best for you.

6 Important Rules How To Create An Explainer Video

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Clear vision and direct requirements make you halfway to success. The client was pretty sure about the result he’d like to get. They were in need of 30-second explainer videos, the main one, and its variations for Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest. These videos aimed to advertise AWAX software – a reliable adblocker that removes ads from any Android device in games, mobile apps, and web pages.

So the production flow between the client and our team was easy and comfortable. We created a perfect hero – King Kong. The main animal character appeared to make a great hustle on users’ screens. Bright colors, a short explanation, and the famous character made this video catch people’s attention for sure.

In this way, making conversion rates higher and our client happier.


To start with, this project quality wasn’t good when we finished it. It looked like a cheap explainer video Since the deadline was urgent, we were limited in time. So, when we got the final video, it turned out that neither our team nor the Client was satisfied with the result. But our Art Director is a true perfectionist, and he couldn’t leave this situation the way it was.

That’s why we made a decision to re-create this video from scratch and our team worked hard to make it look catching and stylish. We spent hours on a new storyboard, then we started looking for a new style, and brand-new color scheme. The motion designer implemented the tiniest comments from our AD and it turns to be into a stunning presentation.

Check this video out and find out how React Flow helps you to automate the workflow and increases your productivity.

Professional Explainer videoFAQ

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a video clip that has a duration of approximately 1 minute. In it you can find the description of a product you want to promote for sale. The most interesting thing about an explainer video is the content it has, such as the music to promote the product to be sold, the illustrations, the style and above all the main message the company wants to convey to its future customers. Without a doubt, Xplai is a company that focuses on these types of creations and illustrations. This video company is one of the best in this area.


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