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What Is An Explainer Videos?

Explainer video is a video clip that lasts approximately one minute
and tells the potential customer about your product or service.

There are some main types of explainer video:



It’s an animated graphic design, essentially. But a major component of this animation is a text.



Is a short video that presents information in a simple and understandable way.



Is an illustrated story createdby the designer witha help of marker pens.

Examples of Pprofessional Explainer Videos





Why Do You Need The Explainer Video?

Site promotion

Improving the site position in the list of search results. All search systems take into account the presence of video on the site and place sites with explainer video higher in the search results than sites without them accordingly.

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Increase the conversion

Explainer video is a great way to increase the conversion of your site. Recent studies have shown that 85% of users are more likely to purchase a product or service if it сomes with a relevant video.

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Presentation of a company or a product

Improving the site position in the list of search results. All search systems take into account the presence of video on the site and place sites with professional explainer video higher in the search results than sites without them accordingly.

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6 Important Rules
How To Create An Explainer Video

We have expertise
in these different industries


Clear vision and direct requirements make you halfway to success. The client was pretty sure about the result he’d like to get. They were in need of 30-second explainer videos, the main one, and its variations for Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest. These videos aimed to advertise AWAX software – a reliable adblocker that removes ads from any Android device in games, mobile apps, and web pages.

So the production flow between the client and our team was easy and comfortable. We created a perfect hero – King Kong. The main animal character appeared to make a great hustle on users’ screens. Bright colors, a short explanation, and the famous character made this video catch people’s attention for sure.

In this way, making conversion rates higher and our client happier.


To start with, this project quality wasn’t good when we finished it. It looked like a cheap explainer video Since the deadline was urgent, we were limited in time. So, when we got the final video, it turned out that neither our team nor the Client was satisfied with the result. But our Art Director is a true perfectionist, and he couldn’t leave this situation the way it was.

That’s why we made a decision to re-create this video from scratch and our team worked hard to make it look catching and stylish. We spent hours on a new storyboard, then we started looking for a new style, and brand-new color scheme. The motion designer implemented the tiniest comments from our AD and it turns to be into a stunning presentation.

Check this video out and find out how React Flow helps you to automate the workflow and increases your productivity.


This corporate explainer video starts by highlighting the main points and benefits for the target audience to grab their attention up till the end. The absolutely flawless animation underlines the professional tone
of the VO artist who sounds really cool.

We came up with the final idea to keep the script up to 60 sec so the narration is quite easy to follow.
The video includes a lot of specific info, statistics, and service features. That’s why we decided to dilute
it with colorful illustrations by adding gradients. All this looks techy, bold, and pleasant for the viewer’s sight combined with the smooth animation.

The motion graphics deserves special attention here. It significantly contributes to statiс geometrical shapes and icons, making the brand look attractive and dynamic.


We were to show all the key features and benefits of Chainstack – a cloud and blockchain agnostic platform that builds the ultimate blockchain control panel for the enterprise sector. They offer a cloud
and protocol-agnostic platform that will enable enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage blockchain applications.

Minimalism and simplicity always ‌hit the point. We had a whiteboard explainer video in mind.
But the choice of style was quite obvious. This explainer was created in Chainstack brand colors.
Elegant, and straightforward lines and shapes conveyed the idea accurately.

Moreover, we delivered a series of animated explainers for this company which means we complete our mission successfully.


SEON works in the fraud prevention industry. For that reason, working on this business explainer video required a clear structure, rationality, and precision. As a result, we created a series of videos for their future clients which explain everything in a simple, and comprehensible way.

The CEO of the company had a very structured idea, final script, and product message. That’s why the working process was very straightforward. This video was supposed to be serious. But at the same time interesting to watch by business managers. Because of that, we have integrated little worm-like pest characters that kept the idea of malware attacks and frauds. In this way, we emphasized Seon’s philosophy.

A simple, minimalistic style of illustrations conveyed a conception of the video, while extremely smooth transitions along with the swift and lively animation highlighted the program’s uniqueness and product features.

District 2020

This time we faced the biggest challenge of our working experience, as we thought. We were to create a 6-min 3d explainer video that described and explained a lot of different and difficult concepts for the largest event held in the Arab world – Expo 2020. This video had to be classy and enchanting because it was aimed to be specially presented for the higher authorities.

It seemed really tricky and sounded unreal at first. But at the same time, we were extremely excited to have the possibility to create an animated presentation for this unbelievable show.

We did everything we could to deliver the best quality within the timeline given. All the team was working like a wonderful clock mechanism. Although taking into account the tough deadline, we decided to create a 2D video with many 2.5D and 3D elements that gave the necessary dimension and proportion.
A great color solution – a combination of black and golden colors added a luxurious and expensive-looking touch to the illustrations. While the high-end animation left an unforgettable feeling and grabbed the viewer’s attention from the first seconds.

So when we did it, it was truly amazing! We crafted an incredible work and were really proud to be a part of such an amazing project. (Even despite the fact, that the event was later postponed due to COVID-19).


We spent hours searching for the ideal style as the details don’t just matter for the brand, they’re everything! Trumaker combines old-world personal service with today’s technology to build high-quality and tailor-made clothing. It’s a totally new kind of menswear brand and service for guys established
to meet just one goal – to simplify the everyday hassle men are involved in.

That’s why we decided to go with a minimalist design. The perfect combination of colors, shapes, textures, and patterns resulted in top-notch illustrations which stand on their own. Elegant lines help the viewers to ‌follow‌ ‌the flow‌ and fall in love with the beautiful picture from first sight. We‌ ‌are‌ also ‌proud ‌of‌ a ‌smooth and seamless animation that presents how real men dress today. And that what they’re wearing is stylish and timeless.

We consider this project to be one of the best explainer videos we have ever made and a lot of positive reviews from our leads and clients prove it.


We all know that today’s market is so huge and contrasting that potential buyers could simply get lost among the offered myriad of goods. So, what if you could try clothes for free from any online store? Sounds intriguing, right? is a magical new e-commerce startup, indeed. The‌ refined concise script and high-level ‌visuals‌ of this video shows how it works‌ and presents the ‌one-of-a-kind possibility of the service.

We decided to embody all the energy and dynamics in this video to attract the attention of the audience. In a way to inspire them to visit the website and upload this app. Everything was created
in vibrant but pastel colors to underline the uniqueness of service and its main features.

With that said, enjoy the fascinating ‌flow‌ and smooth transitions of our app explainer video.


KARMA Solar started as a tech company to serve ordinary people and improve their quality of life.
Even its name speaks for itself. The team believes in Karma, that is, in good deeds. Bringing renewable energy to life and livelihoods through research is ​​one of Karma Solar’s mottos.

We loved working on this video which showed their vision to connect almost one billion people in the world without power to sustainable energy. We presented all types and capacities of Karma’s products in a different style of illustrations as we usually do and showed how they work through motion – lights, street lights with WiFi, water pumps, refrigerators, and fans for different households, communities, farmers, and micro-businesses.

This ecology custom explainer video stands out from the other our works due to the combination of dialogue at the beginning and 3rd person narrative as in standard explainer video examples. We used
a lot of hints of blue to make a pleasant and beautiful picture for the viewer. And we are more than happy to be able to describe and show via our work how providing power will help to connect more and more people to new healthcare, education, food, and water security services. Thus, creating a community of healthy, happy people in a sustainable, green economy.

Think Farm

It’s so exciting to work with people all over the world and help them in sharing their high-tech vision through animation explainers. This explainer video was for a small Korean startup. They were
to present it at the conference in October. So, we were challenged with a tough timeline – just 3 weeks
for a 120-sec video.

Since Thinkfarm technology was an industrial one, it was correct to express what you see with your phone rather than on a PC. It’s the future of the smart farm. Essentially that we displayed the app on
the mobile screen. Our client preferred a slightly rough texture to a smooth one, so all illustrations
were crafted in vibrant colors with textures that added a special feeling to them. The fluid animation
and smooth transitions highlighted the most important part of the video – the mechanism of Think Farm.

As the company wanted to reveal that they were called Think For BL and pursue “Green by Digital”,
we added their logo and key message at the end as the final touch to grab people’s attention.


We considered every detail and went thoroughly through each stage of the Sunsense project. It was important that the following big thought was communicated visually: Sun = JOY (when consumed correctly) —> “SunSense lets you enjoy the sun without worries.” That’s why the first park scene showed both people that enjoy the sun (benefits, mental health, etc.) and some people who don’t (the big BUT – sunburns, sun eczema) such that it instantly became obvious that there are two sites to the sun.

We dropped the purple color we used in the style test and concentrated mainly on the orange and yellow colors. Overall, it appeared to be an ​​outstanding concept with the best color combination and interaction: some colors we toned down on purpose, and used the same color gradient as on the client’s website. Strong lines, clean and nice style, explainer graphics, and aesthetically beautiful illustrations – to make the video fit visually into the website while still being a scroll stopper on social media feeds.

In the end, we used “a framing structure” – a bunch of characters were shown in that first park scene but with the SunSense Pro sensor on while now really enjoying the sun without any worries. is the online medical hub. Their main mission is to improve the interaction between patients and medicine, to make the process of accessing any medical services simple and convenient.

The video length was crucial for the client. A task was to make explainer video up to 40 sec.
So we had to show all the sign-in process together with the advantages of using this platform in less than a minute. To make it real, we calculated each scene in order to create an easy-going and understandable video for the viewer. Our managers were in constant touch with the client to make sure that the key features of the platform were highlighted in a true and fair way.

We created several versions of this video in 3 different languages as they were planning to present the video on their site, on social media, and at various conferences.

Zoo Reward

Zoo Reward Camp Program is a great way to introduce children to conservation and animal ecology.
It’s an exciting way to learn about conservation issues over the summer and possibly win some “Zoo-per” fun prizes. The adults should understand how their family could benefit from having a Wild Rewards card, while the kids – just enjoy discovering nature up-close.
Animated explainer videos could help you with this task. We created the video to delight both the kids and their parents by showing a true excitement in the video. Full of colors and happiness, it explains all the advantages of fun rewards. Behind the scenes tours, feeding animals, discounts on summer camps are only a few of them offered by Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

BP Driver Rewards promo video

This promo video is about a new partnership between BP (British Petroleum – a multinational oil and gas company), and the United Arab Airlines.

BP offers the BP Driver Rewards Service, so it’s up to you to choose the type of rewards you’d like to earn: Fuel Rewards or United MileagePlus award miles. We had to find a new way to catch the attention of the viewers, and at the same time, not to overload with program’s details.

Our designer was truly inspired while working on illustrations. Hassle-free process gave him enough time for creativity and the possibility of improving every object in the scene. So he took his time and drew each illustrations as detailed as possible. The motion designer was also quite diligent while working on his part. So, the final result we received is a custom explainer video, with flowing lines, smooth, and seamless transitions.


Hopeland is a non-profit organization committed to building a world where every child grows up in a safe, loving family. It pioneers innovative solutions and builds new partnerships to prevent family separation, reunify children who are separated from their families, and mobilize a movement of families to support children who are growing up outside of family care.

Family separation is a delicate thing. The main problem to cover was how we could help the vulnerable families in Indonesia to keep their children at home.

Our team was working really hard. We decided to divide the video into several logical parts to make the process easier, while keeping in mind a fast turnaround. Our designers combined more than 3 styles to meet the client’s expectations, and created the unique palette and explainer graphics to underline the vulnerability of poor families in Indonesia.

We created not just an Explainer video, but an emotional and exciting one, which touches your heart, and makes you a more compassionate person.


VALUABLES is a collaboration with NASA to measure how satellite information benefits people and the environment when it is used to make decisions. But this info is quite often neglected. And that’s the problem.
Researchers can measure how information helps society using an impact assessment framework that considers available information, actions by decisionmakers, and outcomes for people and the environment. It could also measure the value of many different forms of information.

Animation explainers could showcase the harmful situation at the lake in the best way possible.
So, with the help of animation, we showed that new satellite data informed the officials about the forming of harmful algal bloom.
They announced that the lake wasn’t safe for swimming, which prevented people and pets from getting sick. But in the alternative scenario, if these officials didn’t have the satellite data, they wouldn’t have closed the lake, and people would’ve gotten sick. The difference between these two outcomes allows us to calculate the benefit of the satellite data, which in this case includes the healthcare costs and missed work days this community avoided.


Our Client really liked the line work and style from Trumaker (elegant lines, ‌seamless animation, you remember). The timing was super important to them, so we were able to compress it into 3 weeks.
Everyone who deals with video production knows it’s a pretty tough deadline in order to create a high-quality 2d explainer video.

We experimented with different proportions and faces as EQPT wanted to consider various styles.
After a few days of work, we came up with the ideal character to match the brand. The colors look excellent as we polished all the details in the illustrations.

Everybody loved the final result but we couldn’t but mention the Client. To be quick and responsive in the answers and feedback was super important while having such a strict timeline. That’s why it was very helpful. We appreciate this cooperation as it was swift and smooth. And we do value such things.


Our main challenge here was to present Reibar’s mission – to provide real estate investors with innovative digital marketing strategies that will make a substantial difference in growing their online presence and connecting with the future clients.

We started our production process as usual and created a ready-made storyboard based on the explainer video script we received from our client a few days earlier. Then we took the colors from Reibar’s brand book and prepared 2 style tests. We experimented with the color schemes and came up with a great solution that both the client and our Art Director were happy with. Within a week everything was ready! After the style was approved, we started preparing the rest of the scenes.

Together with the client, we chose the best-fitted background music, recorded the VO, and created a smooth animation flow. The final touch to it, like a cherry on the pie, was sound design.


We decided to show the client’s company and product as a new, fresh, not so strongly connected with the Italian heritage and tradition as the other manufacturers and companies in the old times. Usually, coffee brands base their communication on luxury and premium pictures. But the client wanted to сonvey the idea of something closer to a user, more personal, with a lot of storytelling.

This is why we made the video more hipsterish and modern in order to attract millennials to a new coffee machine. The exquisite color palette, polished illustrations, and thorough animation approach made you watch it again and again. This piece turns out to be truly amazing!

The video is short and emotional, like a trailer – a story of how the idea came, developed and became a real thing. Our characters were almost like the real team members because we draw them from the photos. Besides, we tried to take into account some individual characteristics while creating the illustrations. All this made the Heylo product explainer video a pure inspiration for everyone.


The world today looks like a big hive. People are always in a constant hurry. Due to the constant lack of time, nobody wants to spend hours in the kitchen on meal prep.

Meet Gobble – a meal startup that makes cooking fast. We had to make this video explainer simple to comprehend, super-informative, and always keep in mind its length. As this explainer should be just 30 sec long.

That’s why we decided to present all the pros at the beginning. The unusual style, juicy-fresh illustrations, tasty details, and vibrant colors made this ‌animation‌ ‌playful‌ and friendly. You understand the concept easily and only have to subscribe.
In the end, we showed a CTA to encourage the viewers to download the app. So, enjoy your meal and spend your time with the family while this wonderful service saves you a lot of time.


The main goal was to create a visually appealing video that would stand out and help to increase the engagement on a landing page. So, first of all, it should be convincing, and keep the attention of the viewer on the problem, not on the animation itself. Efficient client communication and all the necessary tools that provide exceptional customer support were the key points to highlight as well.

It wasn’t that easy. Our team experimented with styles, and a vast variety of shapes and colors.
Each member was engaged in the process and improved the video at every production stage. Brainstorming, and discussions on how to improve the tiniest details in both the design and animation were held quite often. We tried to provide nice and smooth communication throughout the process, too, as it’s always very important.

All this resulted in the saas explainer video with a lot of imagination and creativity in it. We spent more hours than we expected but the video was worth it.


Our client just launched his startup, and the website was still in progress.
That’s why he was in need of a simple tool that explains to his future customers the pros of the Scappman app. Animated explainer videos solve such tasks.

Our main character, Dan, led us through the whole video, describing to the viewer his challenges
while installing the apps, and how Scappman (a brand new way of cloud application management​​
that automatically installs your applications and keeps them up-to-date) helped him to overcome them.
A combination of pastel but bright colors, and detailed animation work draws attention to the screen
that makes you watch the video till the end.

The outcome was a short and clear video manual for the possible clients and site visitors. Enjoy watching!


It’s always great to cooperate with our national companies. We had to create a classic explainer animation for a leading tank truck manufacturer in Ukraine. Everlast products include specialized road tankers, auto semi-trailers, and trailers to transport gas, dark and light petroleum products, chemicals,
as well as food products.

In a 90-sec video, we tried to highlight all the features, benefits, and solutions this company offers to its clients. We carefully drew each detail, used 3D models, photos, and schemes provided by the company to ensure that the machinery looked as similar as possible.

Сombination of different styles, and superb textures which underlines the tailor-made illustrations
(that needed special attention, btw) resulted in an absolutely “heavy” video, demonstrating a variety
of equipment and solutions provided by Everlast. This video had 3 language versions, so we had
to translate the script and adapt it to each of them.


We are not afraid of challenges, especially when it comes to urgent client requests.
Because we know that time is of the biggest value. Sometimes, it seems like we are a so-called explainer video creator factory.

Our client already had a vision of the project, he preferred a line-based animation style.
That simplified the task greatly. We liked and supported this idea. Besides, taking into account the deadline (2 weeks), we presented the Innomovo promo video in a clean minimalist style.

Our designers dug deeper into the nitty-gritty: clear geometrical shapes and icons, a navy blue background, which intensifies the outlines of the illustrations, the usage of just a few colors from the palette combined with a smooth motion work resulted in a great piece to promote this software platform.

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