2D video for MMC


Healthcare plan options are always changing. It could be difficult to understand what it all means to make the right choices. MMC is improving and helping to transform healthcare. That’s why we created this 2d video to explain its killer features. By using a colorful palette we wanted to present playful and relaxed imagery while explaining complex things.

MultiCare Connected Care appeared in 2014 as a totally independent business entity. It consists of a wide range of health care providers and services – doctors, dietitians, hospitals, home health services, etc. So by working together, they transform health care in their region (in Washington state and Pacific North-West). For both – providers and patients. To make it real, they use a fully integrated technology, treatment standards, and resources. In order to provide high-quality health at a lower cost for patients.

Subsequently, it allows to share clinical knowledge more easily within a network providing the most current and appropriate treatment options for patients.
Multicare Connected Care uses information technology to enable unprecedented coordination and communication between a patient and a network of health care providers.

Moreover, they share the responsibility for keeping the patients healthy, not just treating them when they are sick. And they measure its success basing not just on the quality of care, but on our patients’ long-term health and satisfaction.
To sum it up, MMC will be the leading clinically integrated network in shaping a healthier future for the state of Washington.

Explainer video