App video for the Allay project


We created this short app video, a kind of instructional piece for Allay product (transitioned to Thinkflow) in order to familiarise it with the possible clients.
The Allay product is an innovative digital tool designed to help everyday Americans improve their financial situation. For example, the Allay salary calculator tool allows you to compare pay and similar positions in other locations. Using information prepopulated from your Jora account you can easily compare your income to pay levels for similar jobs in your area. And what your salary could be in a different job. Or in a different location.

Thinkflow’s tools designed to empower people with the most important thing – information. Thinkflow’s specialists believe that before you can budget, you need to have money. And that belief is fundamental to what Thinkflow is. This company equips people with powerful tools and actionable tips to avoid overdraft fees. As well as easily access ways to earn more money. Moreover, they want to enable everyone to make more confident decisions today that create a better future for tomorrow.

So what Thinkflow could offer you:
– manage the money you already have. That is, Forward-looking tools help you solve cash flow problems ahead of time. They simplify your financial future visualization and current state.
– make more money now. You could find side gigs and secondary income options that use things you may already have at your fingertips.
– find a better job for tomorrow. So these tools help you understand if you’re paid what you are really worth, and plan the next steps in your career.