Cryptocurrency animated explainer video


Arbex stands at the forefront of financial innovation, offering a cutting-edge arbitrage tool designed for the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

This platform empowers traders by unveiling real-time mispricing opportunities across various exchanges, enabling swift, secure, and enjoyable digital currency transactions.


In a market as volatile as cryptocurrency, prices can vary significantly across different exchanges before reaching equilibrium. Recognizing the potential to capitalize on these fluctuations, Arbex sought to demystify its sophisticated technology for a broad audience.

They turned to us to create an animated explainer video that elucidates how Arbex scans, analyzes, and alerts traders to profitable opportunities, thereby minimizing risk and maximizing returns.


Our journey began with penning a script that simplifies the complexities of cryptocurrency arbitrage into engaging, easily digestible content.

The script highlighted Arbex’s unique value proposition, focusing on its ability to scan, analyze, and alert users to profitable trading opportunities.


We delved into Toyota’s balance of performance and environmental sustainability, studying their hybrid and electric vehicle innovations.


Our team of illustrators then brought the storyboard to life with detailed illustrations that matched the selected style, ensuring each frame was both engaging and informative.


The culmination of our efforts was the animation phase, where the illustrations were brought to life.

The animation fluidly depicted the process of identifying arbitrage opportunities, emphasizing the ease and efficiency Arbex offers its users.

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