Case study video for Nimble


And here is our case study video for Nimble, a company which designs their products for the medical industry.
So Nimble is a company with a commitment to innovate the ordinary. This is their motto. That means better design, better functionality, and more enjoyable user experience. In other words, they take the equipment we use every day and find a way to improve it.
At Nimble they believe in beautiful products for the medical industry. Products, that are elegantly designed and functionally superior. They also believe in better experiences for those who use their goods. Experiences that make your day a little bit brighter. They are keen to solve the problems you know exist and the ones you don’t, too. Often we don’t realize it a better way until someone shows us. That’s the magic of innovation.

We wanted to offer a kind of explainer video, with interesting and catching illustrations and characters. But the key point for the client was to present his goods and products, that is why we used a lot of photos of the products they offer. Fresh, new ideas for usual things, unique design, simplicity, excellent functionality – these were the most important points to highlight in the case study video.

Explainer video