Simple solution for exchanging and storing cryptocurrency.



XPLAI was asked to make a design for a new crypto app. It was important to make the design easy to use and look different from other apps because the crypto market has a lot of competition.

App icon

The client provided their own logo, which the XPLAI design team polished slightly to ensure it fit seamlessly with the overall style and branding of the app.


After trying many combinations, we settled on the Neue Machina typeface. The typeface used in Coinbox is a powerful and meticulously crafted font with monospace/geometric type features and deep ink traps in its heavier weights, inspired by robotics and machines — a perfect fit for the future of cryptocurrency and technology.


We analyzed competitors in the crypto market and focused on using colors that would help the app stand out.


XPLAI typically creates custom icon sets from scratch, but due to the client's tight schedule, the design team chose a pre-made icon set that was aesthetically pleasing and aligned with the brand's visual identity for Coinbox.

User flow​​​​​​​

Planning the user flow and anticipating user behavior is critical, as it helps app designers and devs to optimize the user experience and improve user engagement. By identifying potential user journeys and predicting how users are likely to navigate the app, designers can create a more streamlined and intuitive user flow. This, in turn, can help increase user retention and drive app usage, ultimately leading to a more successful app launch.


We started with wireframing early in the design process to quickly iterate on design ideas and create a visual representation of the app's user flow, which allowed the client to see a concrete visualization of the design direction and provide early feedback.

User interface

In the final stage of the project, we designed the visual aspects of the app including animations and branding elements to add personality and charm that enhances the user experience.

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