Credit Booster

Credit Booster is a financial services / consulting company engaged in helping clients repair credit or build it. A program and the relief that it provides are based upon many things. Among them are extensive research on consumer credit laws, experience with credit bureaus, creditor improvement tactics and persistence for their clients. Their services are 100% lawful, honest and have helped thousands of Americans correct and improve their credit profiles. And get higher credit scores correspondingly.


As we know, everyone has a unique credit report and financial situation. That’s why Credit Booster offers industry-leading comprehensive, personalized and proven credit improvement program. Once you sign up and become a client, it will customize a credit repair program to your exact credit situation with a focus on achieving your goals. As a result, you will receive not only affordable but class-leading credit improvement. Moreover, superior customer service, too. Consequently, our task was to highlight all these things in the video.


We did our best to create a colorful and catching video. Hours of cooperation and many rounds of feedback resulted in an ideal mix of ideas and picture. Though the client was quite demanding (as sky is the limit, you know) he was fully satisfied. By the way, he already gained some positive responses with the help of our explainer video.


Explainer video

Animated process