Credit Lifter

Credit Lifter is your finance expert that helps you gain access to banking and credit products you want by boosting and optimizing your credit scores. Their analysts will access your credit report for just $1 and provide a free 10-minute consultation on how to fix it. As a result, you will receive not only affordable but class-leading credit improvement. Moreover, superior customer service, too. So you'll see the first results already in 27 days or less.


Credit Lifter has bridged the gap between credit repair and funding to create one entity. But with expertise in both banking and credit law. This is why their proven credit repair, boosting, and building methods have taken the clients from bad or no credit situations to being able to qualify for best financing options on credit cards, auto, mortgage, personal, and business lines of credit.
These are the most important features we had to showcase in our explainer video in an understandable and simple manner.


We already cooperated with CL that’s why we knew exactly what they wanted to get in the end. So we get a minimalistic, colorful, and catching video with smooth transitions. Clean, simple but elegant one. Our client was happy with the final result and already gained some positive feedback.

Explainer video