Crowdfunding video for level for drill


Meet our first project. This is the сrowdfunding video level for drill we have created for the successful global company in the drilling industry – Minnovare.
So Minnovare is an advanced technology company that specializes in improving the accuracy, reliability, and economic efficiency of industrial drilling operations across the world – both in mining and civil engineering. Their advanced hardware and software systems deliver clients’ drill-data faster and more accurately than ever before – enabling smarter decision making on-site.

Minnovare’s history begins back in 2012. Minnovare has offices in Perth (Head Office), Canada, and the United States. Moreover, it has distributors in South Africa and the United Kingdom as well.
The task wasn’t that easy as we weren’t very familiar with the mining industry and its industrial processes. Besides, the project was quite urgent. So, we had to dig in deeper very quickly.
The top issue for the company was the constant improvement that leads to higher productivity and efficiency. That’s why the innovation couldn’t exist without a steady modernization of things. Because of this, we decided to use geometrical patterns, simple and distinct lines, brand colors to underline this in our crowdfunding video.
Check the result out! Hope you will like this promotional video.

Explainer video