Doosan Group is an internationally famous corporation that has many daughter companies. It operates in different spheres — from energy to construction equipment and even IT services. As highly competitive machinery, parts and equipment production company, Doosan takes pride in the ways they do business. So they work on a variety of projects, including those that focus on making life more sustainable. Moreover, they emphasize technology, innovation, transparency, and social responsibility. Therefore, they build their business on the growth of the business through the growth of people. Because of this we wanted to highlight their core values in the explainer video.


Our client’s business is multidimensional. That’s why this project itself was captivating — it’s a kind of a challenge to demonstrate the complexity of energy system functioning. Doosan wants to be on top of things, especially when it comes to sustainable solutions, such as Doosan GridTech.
The goal was to explain Doosan GridTech technology for the world’s clean energy future, which we reached in less than 2,5 minutes.


But we coped with it and voila — a huge colorful map with different procedures appeared. We succeeded in highlighting of its separate elements with the help of animation. All this was done in isometrics. And it looks simply beautiful.

Explainer video

isometric animation