Explainer video for a Dubai real estate company

Our recent client Meisan has addressed us to present their AI-driven operating systems for the real-estatefor real-estate sector by designing a marketing explainer video. Within 4 weeks of time we were able to deliver a unique product that showcased the creative technology which helps to rethink the functioning of Dubai communities, including trip generation, urban farming, greener landscaping, and water consumption reduction. XPLAI animation studio has been able to deliver the project right on time for their brand launch as a fresh marketing strategy for advertising in social media.

Who was the client?

Meisan is a next-generation real-estate company, which focuses on creating an environment for more effectively functioning communities using innovative technology withwiith a commitment to design communities and homes that are operated to newto a new, higher standards. The company offers to create a positive impact on society, environment by implementing their AI-generated systems in real-estate.

What did the client need?

  • Expand the client base
  • Create an innovative approach for advertising
  • Explain the advantages of using Meisan’s services for the potential clients
  • Reshape marketing strategy
  • Posses a unique way of presenting the product to the wider audience e.g. exhibitions, events, online streaming platforms, video marketing
  • Improve the landing page conversions

Who am I for those who don’t know?

Kate Piddubna

Producer at XPLAI | We help Dutch CMOs to create videos that truly engage your customers.

My contact details: [email protected]

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Our journey with clients consisted of the following stages:

  • Brainstorming for ideas based on the references provided by the client
  • Establishing the animation style
  • Implementing ideas using customer’s script and ideas/li>
  • Readjusting the format and changing the storyboard in accordance with the feedback provided by the Chief Business Officer
  • our consultancy on what would look a
  • Applying final stylistic adjustments


  • We have designed a mesmerizing 2D and 3D combination for an engaging end product
  • Helped expanding potential lead pool
  • Increased the potential client reach by 35%
  • Assisted potential leads in learning about the benefits of the product
  • Increased the number of incoming leads by 15%

Final video


“XPLAI was able to finish the video on time
and is now posted on the client’s marketplace pages.
The team provided nice and smooth communication
throughout the process. Our internal team
was satisfied with the output”

Feedback on Clutch

What is the next step?

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