Explainer video for a foodtech startup

About the company

Farmshelf is a San Francisco startup focused on revolutionizing urban farming.

It provides hydroponic growing systems that allow individuals and businesses to grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors.

These systems are equipped with everything necessary for indoor farming, including seeds, nutrients, and LED lights.

What we did

We made a video for Farmshelf’s move into the consumer market.

The video shows off how their home farming system works, like automatic plant care and an app for keeping track.

It’s all about making it easy to grow your own food at home, showing how Farmshelf’s cool tech is changing the way we think about home gardening and food.

Animated marketing materials are crucial for a young startup’s recognition in a competitive, information-rich market.

For Farmshelf, animation effectively conveyed their novel concept, distinguishing them in the crowded ag-tech space

Animated explainer videos can

Break down complex ideas into digestible content, essential for innovative products like Farmshelf’s indoor farming units.

Capture audience attention in a visually saturated market, especially important for a unique product entering consumer spaces.

Enhance brand recall through creative and engaging storytelling, a key factor for startups like Farmshelf aiming to transition from a niche to a mainstream audience.

Offer cost-effective marketing solutions, crucial for startups with limited budgets.


At XPLAI, we specialize in bringing startup stories to life through animated explainer videos.

Whether you’re in ag-tech, foodtech, or another industry, we’re here to help you connect with your audience.

Contact us to discuss your project and find out how we can visually translate your vision into an engaging, animated narrative.

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