Innomovo is a technology platform that leverages blockchain, cloud services, and in-car technology. Just to enhance trust, streamline coordination and improve information exchange in P2P car sharing ecosystems. As we know, mobility is no longer sustainable. New shared mobility services are paving the way towards a better future for all of us. So this technology supports all forms of P2P car sharing, including Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Business (B2B) models and anything in between.


Our client was about to publish a research project website. For this reason he needed a 2D minimalistic style motion graphics explainer video to introduce the high-level goals of the project. This project was about creating a software platform for car sharing based on blockchain and in-car technology. So XPLAI was asked to create a promo video for the platform within a very tight timeframe, 2 weeks for everything.
That was a toughie but we coped with it.


Our client already had a vision of the video. So he preferred a line-based animation style. We liked this idea, and taking into account the deadline, we decided to make it in a clear minimalist style. To sum it up, the cooperation between our client and us was so smooth that we meet the deadline with no delays.

Explainer video

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