As you know, today clients are on websites, the phone, social media, and the like. JivoChat allows each visitor to talk to you using their favorite platforms. It means you never miss an opportunity to make a connection with them.


Our customer told us that the goal was to create a visually appealing video that would stand out, but first of all, it should be convincing, and keep the attention of the viewer on the problem, not on the animation itself.
Efficient client communication and all the necessary tools that provide exceptional customer support were the key points to present, too.


It wasn’t that easy, we spent more hours than we expected but the video was worth it. Our team experimented with styles, a vast variety of shapes and colors, each member was engaged in the process and improved the video on each production stage.
This all resulted in the explainer video with a lot of imagination and creativity in it.

Explainer video

Explainer video production