Here we faced a lot of challenges:
Firstly - the motion designer should have any basic knowledge of music theory (hopefully we had one).
Secondly - this instrument is Really unique - it was created by industrial designer, that’s why we needed to find everything about MIDAS in order to understand how it works and to explain its essential functions as well as the playing process to the audience.
It seemed that we used almost all our potential, expended a big deal of team efforts – but it was worth it!
We created MIDAS – a 3D video that showed an evolutionary way of playing music.
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    Explainer video

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07 / 2018

The team is good at exploring unfamiliar fields and integrating new knowledge into their skill sets.

Feedback summary:
The animation will be used to attract prospective investors and gather feedback for production. Despite the specific project requirements, XPLAI proved more than capable of transforming constructive criticism into visual solutions. Strong management and collaboration were key to their success.

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