Explainer video for the Brooklyn-based food startup incubator


Pilotworks is an innovative startup that provides flexible kitchen spaces, comprehensive services, educational programs, and a dynamic community.


The objective was to produce a character-driven explainer video that effectively demonstrates their role as a culinary incubator making the food industry more accessible.

The goal was to highlight how Pilotworks serves as a comprehensive resource for food startups, assisting a wide range of culinary entrepreneurs in launching and scaling their businesses effortlessly and efficiently.


We began with a compelling narrative that highlights Pilotworks’ mission to support real food businesses, addressing the core challenges entrepreneurs face – space, compliance, and scalability.


The storyboard brought to life the journey of various food entrepreneurs, from those just starting out to those looking to expand, emphasizing Pilotworks’ comprehensive support system.

Style tests

Our style tests explored a range of visual aesthetics to perfectly capture the essence of the culinary incubator, ensuring the video would resonate with a broad audience.


We created detailed illustrations that depicted the diverse community within Pilotworks, from coffee roasters to caterers, highlighting the inclusivity and support provided.


The animation phase brought fluidity to the story, with careful attention to animatics, sound effects, and voiceover to enhance the narrative.

We showcased Pilotworks’ kitchen spaces, mentorship programs, and the thriving ecosystem they’ve cultivated.


Our explainer video captured Pilotworks’ essence and its pivotal support for food entrepreneurs.

Highlighting their extensive resources and community diversity, it showcased success stories and benefits, motivating viewers to start their culinary journeys with Pilotworks’ backing.

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