Promo video for a heavy equipment rental marketplace Tenderd

Tenderd is a heavy equipment rental marketplace located in the UAE. It’s a technology startup tackling a large and exciting problem. It offers a simple and reliable way to rent the construction machinery for your projects of any kind.


Tenderd’s goal is to combine the efficiencies of a marketplace with the latest technologies to help contractors operate more economically and effectively. Tenderd offers a secure, simple, and reliable way to rent construction machinery for your projects. It was built to help contractors procure and manage quality machines as and when they need it. They inspect each machine and offer around the clock service that you can rely on.
So our main task here was to present all the key features and services Tenderd provides.


By using a combination of different styles, we created an absolutely “heavy” promo video. We demonstrated a variety of heavy equipment here such as dozers, excavators, trucks, as well as showing a construction process as it is.
Moreover, we showed how you could get access to an equipment analytics system, and a suite of applications that enable contractors to increase equipment productivity, regulate emissions, and run equipment more sustainably.
So check it out and don’t hesitate to contact us for your future project.

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