Sahara Net is the top Internet and Communications Technology provider in the Saudi Market. It was our first time working on a project for Saudi Arabia. Therefore it was important to understand the mindset of the target audience before we jump into anything.


The challenge was to create a highly professional business explainer video for Sahara Net. We had to present a wide range of cloud services offered by the company. But at the same time, not too make the video rather boring but catching the viewers’ attention. The message had to target both audiences on the regional market, as well as in the international arena. XPLAI team had to approach the problem through the culturally sensitive filter. As cultural discrepancies between the partnering companies may lead to loss of collaboration.
Moreover, the task wasn’t that easy as the Arabic version was coming on the way as well
(we didn’t speak Arabic, unfortunately).


The hours-long work and cooperation between the team and our partners had
its effect — we made 2 video versions for Sahara Net: one in English and one in Arabic with simple and accessible illustrations.
It was important to find the right balance in order for the video to look good, engage the viewer and fully fulfill its’ purpose.  We didn’t want to fall victim to stereotyping and yet the idea was to illustrate the setting of the country of origin. 
Moreover, we decided to emphasize the transitions that will be the neutral key element throughout the animation explainer video. In addition, a good sound effect increases the chances of higher engagement and sets the mood of the animation video.
It was a great experience and now we could even understand Arabic a little bit 🙂

Explainer video

Video distributions