Scappman — saas platform explainer video

Scappman is a 100% cloud solution that automatically installs your applications and keeps them up-to-date. This is the brand new way of cloud application management.


Over the years companies experienced the same problems our client worked with. The installation of applications and keeping them up-to-date was a struggle, as well as a time-consuming thing, too. Our client just opened his startup, the website was still in progress, that’s why he needed a simple tool to explain to his future customers the pros of the Scappman app.


So we created the main character, Dan, who led us through the whole video, described to us his challenges, and how Scappman helped him to overcome them. It resulted in a short and clear video manual for the possible clients and site visitors. By the way, the production and communication work on this project was as smooth as the Scappman installing! We loved the outcome for sure.

Explainer video

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