SEON is a risk management fraud prevention service, which brings value by creating a safe environment for online businesses. The company has its head office in Hungary and deals with fraud prevention in the digital sphere.


The key priority for SEON was to show all of the opportunities and advantages of their system.
Using a simple integrated solution industries save thousands of dollars and protect their business operations, finances, and data management from frauds. Therefore, working on this project required a clear structure, rationality, and precision. As a result, we created a video for their future clients which explains it in a simple, and understandable way.
Even though the client gave us only 4 weeks for completing everything from storyboard brainstorming to delivery. The CEO of the company had a very structured vision, ready script and the message of their product.


This video was supposed to be serious. But at the same time interesting to watch for business managers. That’s why we have integrated little worm-like pest characters that kept the idea of malware attacks and frauds. Therefore, to emphasize the whole philosophy of Seon.
A super simple, minimalistic style of illustrations conveyed a conception of the video, while swift and lively animation highlighted the program’s uniqueness.
It was a true pleasure working on this project, everything went extremely smooth.

Explainer video

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