We are so happy to present to you our freshly squeezed showreel during the past year.
So, our motion magicians cut the recent works into pieces and united in one just to excite you. This showreel consists of a variety of cool projects our team created in 2019.

Here you could find Trymaker, a totally new kind of menswear brand and service for guys who care to look better but don’t care to shop. Try, a magical new way to try clothes for free from any online store. Nimble, a company which designs their products for the medical industry. Sahara Net, the top Internet and Communications Technology provider in the Saudi Market. APT Group, a construction giant that designs and builds for hotels, office buildings, hospitals, airport terminals, warehouses, and many other facilities. Irene Energy, a renewable electricity supplier that uses the Stellar blockchain to pioneer radical transparency in the electricity supply chain. Minnovare, a successful global company in the drilling industry.

Moreover, a few short shots from Books are uniquely portable magic, Hyperloop, Sunset, Skylift, Dino, Boys and Girls, Queuing Theory for Restaurants, Tesla model S > model 3 > model X, Food app preloader, Dog Trip, Checkout, and much more.

Hope you’ll like it.  So check it out!

Explainer video

Resent works



Explainer video


Explainer video