Stellar Blockchain Explainer video for Irene Energy


Irene Energy is a renewable electricity supplier that uses the Stellar blockchain
to pioneer radical transparency in the electricity supply chain. Besides, it uses artificial intelligence to bring flexibility and efficiency to the electricity industry.

Irene Energy is a fintech company. When they started in 2017, it developed a technology that makes payments traceable. It brings enhanced transparency to
the companies that choose transparency as a philosophy or as a differentiating factor.
So this technology targets the companies that wish to offer to their clients the ability to check what happens to the money they receive from them. These use cases include energy companies ensuring customers that their money for the electricity bills is eventually sent to green energy producers.
Moreover, it also includes food companies selling organic products or charities.
The technology leverages the Stellar and Hyperledger blockchains. So the platform
is open-access (no set up fee, no membership fee) and you could access it using
never-expiring API keys, that clients can choose to lease or purchase.

It was a long process of production. We cooperated with our client on each stage as
he wanted to communicate Irene Energy’s idea perfectly. After it the Stellar Blockchain explainer video appeared – with pleasing colors, minimalistic, and easy to understand.


Explainer video