Remote employee onboarding explainer video


Stuzo delivers cutting-edge commerce solutions, enhancing retailer engagement and efficiency with a mix of technology and creativity.


Facing the rise of remote work, Stuzo aimed to simplify its onboarding for new remote hires.

They sought animated videos to introduce the company’s culture and operations engagingly and straightforwardly, highlighting their dedication to excellence and a supportive work atmosphere.

Script and storyboard

Developed a narrative to showcase Stuzo’s values and culture, using emotionally resonant, character-driven storyboards for a personal touch.

Visual style

Conducted style tests to ensure the animation matched Stuzo’s brand and the video’s friendly, innovative vibe.


Crafted engaging animations that combined illustrations with dynamic motion, sound, and voiceovers to explain Stuzo’s onboarding process effectively.


Our animated video transformed Stuzo’s complex onboarding content into engaging, easy-to-understand material, effectively welcoming new remote employees to a culture of excellence.

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