Try is a magical new way to try clothes for free from any online store. It's a brand new way of shopping right from your sofa. Moreover, the courier will bring the items of your preference to your door. Try them on now and pay later. You only have to pay for the items that you decide to keep.


Nowadays the market is so diversified that potential buyers could simply get lost among the offered amount of goods.
In the age of high-pace there in no time for anything. The fast fashion has invaded the universe. The trends are changing in the blink of an eye. Nobody enjoys spending time mindlessly walking the stores, indeed. So we had to show the uniqueness of service and its main features.


With the Try app, your physical presence is no longer necessary for shopping. Going shopping can be frustrating and walking miles of aisles makes you feel exhausting. Not to mention waiting for hours in queues to try on something that fits. That’s why we decided to embody all the energy and dynamics in this video to catch the viewers’ attention and in such a way inspire them to visit the website. As well as to upload this app. Even though it is a fashion-related project we wanted to avoid excessive creative extravaganza in terms of illustration. It felt like the story had to be minimalistic and simple. We created this explainer video in a bright but pastel colours to underline the one of a kind possibility from

Explainer video

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