Explainer video for a new ecommerce startup

About is a new startup that lets you try clothes from stores like Zara and Bloomingdale’s before you buy them, with no need to pay first.


Our task was to create an engaging video highlighting how revolutionizes online shopping by allowing users to try before buying, eliminating the guesswork.

The goal was to excite viewers about this innovative shopping experience.

Script and storyboard

The creation process began with a detailed script that narrates’s unique service proposition.

The storyboard then transformed this narrative into a visual sequence, highlighting the journey of a customer from browsing online to trying clothes at home, thereby showcasing the ease and convenience of

Style tests and illustrations

Style tests were conducted to identify a visual approach that best represents’s innovative and user-friendly service.

The chosen style was vibrant and relatable, with illustrations depicting a diverse range of customers enjoying the experience, emphasizing the wide appeal and accessibility of the service.


The animation phase brought the story to life, visually demonstrating how users can select clothes online, receive them at home, try them on, and decide what to keep or return.

The animation included detailed depictions of the try-on process, the decision-making period, and the ease of returns, with animatics, sound effects, and voiceovers enriching the narrative and enhancing viewer engagement.


The animated explainer video successfully presented as a major innovation in online shopping.

It clearly explained how is changing the game, inviting everyone to try the future of retail.

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