UFO sleeping

UFO was our internal project but still we decided to create something exciting.


The main point here is that we created a kind of a challenge for ourselves. We decided to use a modern style in illustration and see what else could be done in this video. It is important to strategize all the other elements that follow along to make the motion nice and smooth.


Choosing the right color schemes can be tricky. Going easy on the color scheme and adding some gradients can make any explainer video look trendy and appealing. Focusing on the right objects and building the scenes around the proper angles can shift the viewer’s attention drastically. That’s why the style was very continuous throughout the whole video. Besides, we integrated textures in the illustration style as well. Moreover, we thought that such features as parallax effects, camera pan, and 3D character would help to make it catching and special. The character’s emotions were unambiguous in animation while great secondary animation (e.g. trees moving in the background) created a true feeling of real time. Sound design was the last and the final stage. It’s so cool how the right music and sound effects transform the video and make it complete!

Explainer video