Brand video for Wonderful dental


Everybody wants to have a beautiful Hollywood smile. But if you want to have it you should take care of your teeth from early childhood. The second project with a Wonderful dental company was as exciting as the previous one.

Wonderful dental evolved from Epstein’s experiences during 50 years of being involved in Pediatric Dentistry. He began as a student, a researcher, as well as a professor at the University of Connecticut, followed by 45 years running a private practice.
David W. Epstein, the pediatric dentist spent more than 40 years for research and improvement. After listening to many negative comments about the taste of dental products he researched the idea of developing both a new prophy paste and fluoride varnish with sensational tastes and superior properties. In order to make the taste of the dental goods for kids more delicious. Moreover, the ice – cream specialists created the flavors. Sounds really cool!

That’s why we had to explain both to parents and children the benefits of using new unique products – prophy paste and prophy angles.
As you know, kids love everything colorful, funny, and unusual. So we created the brand video with bright illustrations and swift transitions to look more attractive especially for the children.

Explainer video