Alanoud Almubarak

At the start of the project, we made sure that we had explained what we wanted, so they easily got everything we were looking for. During the process, they offered us some versions and did a lot of modifications. The XPLAI’s work resulted in an excellent
25-second video of which the animations and music were superb.

We spent too much time searching for a proper video production company. When we knew about XPLAI’s works and methods we realized they would be very useful to our project. Once we contacted them we decided to hire their helpful staff services.
XPLAI’s team was in touch the whole time and took care of each step explaining us the entire process. In spite of their original way to work, they always asked for our approval before making changes, this feedback led us through the proper way to achieve our goals. This particularity was quite important for us; it showed us the XPLAI’s work versatility and skills.

People noticed and loved the high quality of our final promo video. Thanks to XPLAI we achieved our objectives and much more; now we have a qualified video production company for developing new projects together.

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