Dimitrios Kourtesis

Our experience hiring XPLAI was better than we expected. They caught our ideas and intentions for the creation of the video. They produced the video, provided voice actors, produced a storyboard and, they integrated the final version of the video into our website.

Despite the distance, they were very communicative with us. They were always active and ready to answer any of our questions and inquietude. We have a very successful collaboration and, we received the video on time.
We provided them the music background track that we wanted to integrate into the video and, they did an incredible job by mixing it and editing what was needed to edit. The workflow was very effective. We were amazed and happy with the final results. The services we offer are now very understandable thanks to the video that XPLAI created for us.

We will call them back again soon to keep collaborating and, we will also recommend their work to other companies that might have the great intentions of promoting their services through a video description.

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