Dora Meleg

We had developed two different products from what we have created before. We had wanted to show them through our website, with the illustration of two videos that are hoped to last 30 seconds each.

We did not count on the team in-house and the proper tools to achieve that. However, there is another company that can do it. XPLAI, a motion design company and, specialized in web videos. We were recommended XPLAI, so we decided to contact them to do this important and innovative job. The results were better than we expected.

We had been using images to promote our new products, but they were not working well. At the moment of talking to the XPLAI team, we told them what we wanted, so they provided us all the ideas, scripts and content for our videos.
Once we saw the results, we thanked to XPLAI for creating the two videos of 30 seconds in an impeccable and excellent way.
They worked fast and were the 24 hours active to respond any of our questions and suggestions.

The results of the videos we requested to XPLAI, made us feel happy and satisfied. They have talent, they create quality content and, they also have the best prices on the market. The implementation will happen soon.

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