Glen McPherson

We have worked with some XPLAI designers before and the results were excellent. This previous experience moved us to hire their services again and again. During this time, not only their business has grown but also our collaboration. XPLAI’s staff has always been motivated, loving their work and increasing its various design production services.

Before each project, we provide XPLAI with the required work details; they always surpass our project expectations, following our instructions and achieving our vision ingeniously. Our feedback has always been suitable, they keep us updated all over the production, and we provide them proper directions to achieve the precise product.

We stay in constant communication with XPLAI’s team; we try to discuss each topic or step and collaborate during the process. Before finishing projects we share storyboards and test illustrations and animations; we really appreciate their services and consider them a part of our company family.

To satisfy our client’s needs we work with XPLAI; they guarantee us a positive impression, a constant and collaborative workflow, a suitable feedback and mainly outstanding work. In this way, they deliver always high-quality projects providing good results and solutions to our client’s requests. They go always beyond offering the best-qualified service.

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