Joshua Soto

We were looking for many options related to video making companies. We worked to select the most professional ones, and we got to XPLAI. This company really caught our attention because of its recognition and professionalism.
We always wanted to show our work and mission to the world through a creative and beautiful video that can prove how hard we work to make these kids feel loved, safe, and sound. Also, the video would make people understand more about how a nonprofit organization works.

We wanted a video that showed a line between conveying purpose and emotion. XPLAI actually took some of our ideas, and transformed them into better ones. They achieve what we wanted to show in the video. XPLAI is, without a doubt, a worthy company that creates high-quality videos with some of the best ideas of specific contexts.
We provided them some ideas and they worked perfectly on the illustrations and animation of the video in such a unique way. They were very communicative all the time. Because of the video, many other organizations have started to show us support and respect for what we do.

XPLAI worked with us through special software that gave us the option of leaving comments and keeping in touch. XPLAI made us feel satisfied with the final results. This is a company that works with efficiency, passion, and professionalism. They absolutely lived up to the challenge.

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