Kent Wang

We wanted the demo to thrill audiences and pique their passion for playing music through an easily understandable visual model. For this reason, the video we needed had to give our audiences a good understanding of the product’s features, functions, and playing method.

We looked up options on a crowdsourcing platform, researching vendor samples and identifying cases that resonated with our culture. This is how we found a motion design company named EXPLAI, their work really liked us, as they were reliable and had an impeccable job.

When we first contacted the company, we provided them a detailed set of video requirements, specifying that they give weekly updates on their process, this was an important aspect that we really appreciated. We wanted to review their results to make sure that the final version would fulfill our expectations. They quickly delivered the job on a weekly basis and improved any issue based on our review. XPLAI presented us with an animation featuring 3D models and music.

They have an efficient workflow. XPLAI has a team good at exploring unfamiliar fields and assimilating new knowledge into their work method. Though our requirements called for a specific background in music and tech, they were able to deliver everything as promised, and we were totally satisfied with their work.  The video is still in an ongoing marketing process, but we intend to present the video to potential investors to collect feedback for future product development.

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