Matt O’Connor

XPLAI had caught our attention during our searching on the internet because it seemed to be a serious company related to animated video production. They did not disappoint us. They designed and produced a video for our digital agency. In the video, they were able to describe absolutely everything related to our services, in such a unique way.

The process of negotiating with them was easy and simple. They have a great team that works very hard to keep maintaining XPLAI in the top of the success. These people put their heart and soul into all they do.

The results were stunning and made us feel really happy. It is so wonderful to know that, there still are companies that put quality into everything they create. The ideas they had, were always innovative and appropriate for the context.

We displayed the video on our website and social channels. They were a total success due to all the details that described our services professionally. We do not have any recommendation for XPLAI but thanks and admiration for the great job they did. We hope to get in touch with them for future works.

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