Nin Khodorivsko

Our main goal was to improve the number of graduates making evidence-based decisions on their continuing education. For this we needed a poster attractive enough to grab the attention of graduates; so, in every school, The Ministry of Education and Science will oblige to make use of this poster during the graduation period.

I am a communication manager, so in a way to make this possible I search through around 200 profiles of Ukrainian graphic designers and illustrators on the Behance area. After contacting about 30 of them, the ones I thought had complementary styles. Among all of them, we chose XPLAI, a motion design company.

I worked with the project manager, he was able to respond electronically, so it was very helpful I didn’t have to call and talk along the workflow. In XPLAI they were enthusiastic to finish the draft according to any suggestions I had; all of our negotiations are written and I could refer to the previously made suggestions to check if we did all we planned. In addition to this, they delivered on time at every step.

All of the examples were well-drawn, so we were happy to concentrate more on the style of work rather than judging quality. At the moment, the work is still ongoing; however, we’ve used the style and illustrations developed by XPLAI to create a landing page, which has been already tested and users have found it interesting and attractive.

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