Ori Giron

We needed an animation explainer video to showcase our product for homeowners. The results were so good that, we are thinking of allying with them for unlimited amount of time. They did not only create the video, but also created the scripts, the illustrations, the storyboard, the animation, and much more.

XPLAI really exceeded our expectations. They worked in such a professional way and their implementations were magnificent. The results were a combination of quality and uniqueness. The XPLAI team was capable of doing everything with passion and hard work.

XPLAI’s workflow was very effective and good. They were always on the lookout for our requirements and doubts. People like them know what the meaning of responsibility is. This company is very creative and, also strives to offer quality work. We do not have any recommendations to them, good comments only.

We hope to work with them sooner and, exchange ideas that can help to improve our both companies. Allying with people who work hard and offer excellent services, could help us be more open about the global market. This is because quality work makes people come back for more. XPLAI is a real example of quality work and will never disappear.

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