Phillip Nessen

Our company hired XPLAI to create a series of videos 15-30 seconds long. We wanted to display those videos on social networks. XPLAI works quite carefully and smartly. They implement techniques that make their work look stunning and, excellent.

Our conversations for the implementations were very easy and, friendly at the same time. XPLAI tends to work with responsibility and quick. They created the concepts and illustrations for the animated videos. They also added little but important details that, in the end, were valued and unique.

The final results made us feel thankful because we felt satisfied by acknowledging that our ideas and theirs were taken into account and put into practice perfectly. We think that, if clients are paying to get something worthy, you have to create something worthy. That is how life works. We all exchange things for our personal benefits and, those things have value.

Working with XPLAI has been the greatest investment we have ever met. They are serious people who we can count on as clients and, allies. We do not have any recommendations for them. We will always recommend their work to anyone interested in hiring a great animated video production company.

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